A Horse to Remember – Silvertip-Rickey

by Grace Larson

My mother, Marie McBroom, purchased SILVERTIP-RICKEY TWHBEA #473752 from E.E. Everson of Carroll, Iowa when he was a yearling. Mom had seen pictures of Trouble, Rickey’s sire, in a magazine. She wanted one of his foals to start her breeding program. Rickey was shipped as a yearling, in a crate, by train to Polson, Montana.

This information comes from The Bit And Spur magazine of November, 1951. Mr. Hagan had asked Mom for a write up on her experience with the Walking Horse as a ranch horse, so Mom wrote, “The Tennessee Walking Horse As A Western Ranch Horse.” In the article she says, “The Tennessee Walker was an all-around horse of the Southern States. Silvertip-Rickey experiences much the same on our ranch from nurse-maiding a bunch of weanling foals to and from water to dragging posts to build fence on the hills of our ranch. Corralling 50 head of range horses with only his rider’s help, acting as a snubbing post during branding, or pulling a neighbor’s car out of the snowbank, Rickey does his work with a flourish that shows his heart is in all he does. Ridden almost all the time in a hackamore of late, he is a natural, but is reining well too.”

From my own knowledge of Rickey, my sister, Alice, and I rode Rickey all over the ranch around mares and cattle. When we started riding him Alice was 8 and I was 11. Rickey was so smooth. I loved to ride next to the neighbor kids; I’d be cruising smoothly and they’d be bouncing along trying to keep up. I rode Rickey bareback most of the time. I just fit with him. We’d run horses in and he could turn so quickly; he knew before I did what the horse or cow was going to do. I have ridden many horses in my lifetime but none will ever equal Silvertip-Rickey. He was very sure footed. I rode him up and down hills and never even had him stumble. His agility and cutting sense did carry on because Tegun’s Mt. Fawn TWH# 861954, five generations down from Rickey, could turn on a dime and give back change, and she was smooth as glass. I won many ribbons on her in barrels, poles, stake races, etc.
Rickey sired 29 registered Tennessee Walkers. I think the best known of his get were these:

Lightfoot Rickey #500210 out of Richardson’s Honey Chile #421307, Sorrel Sabino

Reveille Boy #570415 out of Richardson’s Honey Chile, Sorrel Sabino

Rickey’s Silver Star #591257 out of Black Beauty Allen X-35 & 440890, Sabino reg as White

Golden Copperbottom #550224 out of Patty LaMarr #380002, Sorrel

Rickey’s Frosty Son #531155 out of Kismet Allen #475069, Sorrel Sabino

King John #560754 out of Dixie LaMarr #474575, Sorrel

Mr Topper #550693 out of Marie LaMarr, Chestnut

Silvertip Shawn #64097 out of Ruby Jones, Chestnut
GELDING: Bush Ranger #550692 out of Dixie LaMarr, Sorrel

Sago (Black Beauty 2nd) #540714 out of Black Beauty Allen, Black Sabino (Mom sold her to Pearl Tompkins. Pearl remarked that this mare was her favorite of all the TWH she ever owned. Sago was the dam of Beauty’s Sage King #602247)

Cherokee Rose II #550056 out of Dixie LaMarr, Sorrel. (Ethna Friesen’s mare Miss Petunia #571156 was a daughter of Cherokee Rose II, and sired by Lightfoot Rickey #500210.)

Vonnie Marie #540635 out of Ruby Jones #431032, Sorrel

Kathleen LaMarr #511018 out of Patty LaMarr #380002, Bay

Miracle March Bunnie #501005 out of Shepard’s Miracle #451364 Sorrel

Miracle Candy #511003 out of Shepard’s Miracle, Sorrel

Holly Logan #511017 out of Ruby Jones, Chestnut

Rickey’s Lady LaMarr #511048 out of Margaret LaMarr #440480 Sorrel

Reina De Oro #511049 out of Richardson’s Honey Chile #421307, Sorrel

Rickey’s Slippery L #530313 out of Patty LaMarr, Sorrel

Rickey’s Silver Belle #531141 out of Montana Breeze #463777, Sorrel Sabino

Rickey’s Honey Rose #540280 out of Richardson’s Honey Chile, Sorrel Sabino

Rickey-Marie #540460 out of Ruby Jones, Chestnut

Mitchy Mitch #540597 out of Kismet Allen, Chestnut Sabino

Sundown LaMarr #54064 out of Margaret LaMarr, Brown

Rickey’s Jewell #540650 out of Patty LaMarr, Chestnut

Rickey’s Merry Legs #560051 out of Margaret LaMarr, Sorrel (Possible Sorrel Sabino)

Sundance Lady #570261 out of Baby Kay 2nd #482684, Sorrel

Lelani # 580355 out of Margaret LaMarr, Chestnut

My Golden Playgirl #620100 out of Baby Kay 2nd, Palomino
One of Gene Autrey’s Champions, “Red Cloud V” #653075 goes back to Rickey. Red Cloud’s dam was Cols Princess Pat who was sired by Colonel D, a grandson of Silvertip-Rickey. Red Cloud V was sold by Calvin Miller to Dr. Owen Vowell of El Paso, TX on July 30,1965. Dr. Vowell sold him to Gene Autrey. Red Cloud V was a sorrel with 4 stockings and a blaze, the trademark chosen by Gene Autrey for his Champions.
The LaMarr horses were owned by Tom Moss of Big Horn, Wyoming. When he retired Mom bought his mares and the stallion, Buck LaMarr. Buck was sired by Flash LaMarr #411549 and of Black Beauty Allen X35 & #440890.
The mares Mom bought from Mr. Moss were:

Patty LaMarr

Ruby Jones

Margaret LaMarr

Baby Kay 2nd

Black Beauty Allen

Dixie LaMarr
Mom researched bloodlines and was certain the cross between Silvertip-Rickey, line bred to Last Chance #350034 / Hunters Allen F-10 through his sire, Trouble #370306 and his dam, Strolling Beauty A, and the LaMarr mares would produce outstanding stock horses.
Richardson’s Honey Chile was transported by truck along with Rapid Joe #453195 to Billings, MT where Mom and my stepfather Debs McBroom picked her up. Chief O’ Chief’s #481485 was the first TWH foal born on our Big Arm place in 1948. His sire was Spiller’s Gold Dust #451748 and his dam was Richardson’s Honey Chile.
After Silvertip-Rickey had to be put down due to a broken shoulder, Mom searched for another stallion. She traded Cols Princess Pat and another mare to Calvin Miller for Zephyr’s Flash O’Gold. I had left home by this time so I don’t have further history on this other than a photo of this stallion taken when Mom lived in Colorado.

From my knowledge of Rickey, he was the Best ! In my life with horses none ever surpassed him. Grace