The Canadian Triple Challenge

‘The Canadian’ Triple Challenge comprises 3 Programs

1.      The Program for Excellence

Awarded Certificates

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2.     The Training Level Challenge

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Training Level Challenge Achievements

3.     The Ride Your Walker Program


Each section is a Voluntary, Permanent and Public Record of Achievement
for horses registered in the
Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Each section of ‘The Canadian’ Triple Challenge
is directly related to and designed in accordance with
the Mission, Values and Vision of CRTWH.

In all programs:

  • Current standards for Registration and Rules of Entry are in effect.
  • Horses must meet minimum age requirements.
  • Expectations for each Program (or Challenge or Level) are clearly described.
  • In some instances, one Test or Challenge must be successfully satisfied before the next Test or Challenge may be attempted.
  • Evaluation is by qualified persons through electronic submission or live performance.
  • Fees reflect a cost recovery principle.

‘The Canadian’ Program for Excellence relates to
Our Mission: To register and record purebred Tennessee Walking Horses, both in Canada and internationally, with accuracy and integrity. We are dedicated to preserving the historical attributes of the breed, while encouraging ongoing improvement in the quality of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

The Program For Excellence comprises evaluation of individual horses against a standard. Evaluation is done by qualified people through electronic submission produced at “home” or at a “gathering”. CRTWH will recognize horses that meet the established standards through evaluating conformation and gaits and will award:
BRONZE – evaluation of conformation and flat walk at halter:
SILVER –evaluation of conformation, plus of the flat walk and running walk under saddle; or
GOLD –evaluation of conformation, plus flat walk, running walk and canter or lope under saddle.
The PLATINUM award is reserved for superior sires and dams. All awards will be recorded on CRTWH registration papers.

The Training Level Challenge relates to
Our Values: To foster the respectful and humane treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses through increased public awareness and education, and to encourage the enhancement of each animal’s natural gait through good horsemanship.

The Training Level Challenge is a comprehensive program designed to recognize and reward horses at various levels of training. All entrants must successfully complete Basic Skills In Hand before challenging any other area. Three (3) categories of training are identified – HORSEMANSHIP, TRAIL RIDING and DRIVING. Each category is divided into 3 levels. In addition OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES (Dressage, Gymkhana, Reining etc) are recognized. It is the choice of the owner as to which category of training they wish to pursue. Levels may be challenged individually or collectively.

‘The Canadian’ Ultimate Walking Horse Award is the highest honor that will be granted. It will be presented when the horse has satisfied the requirements for the Gold Award in the Program for Excellence, The Basic Skills in Hand, Horsemanship Level 3, and Level 3 as outlined in 2 other categories (Trail Riding, Driving or Optional Activities)

The Ride Your Walker Program relates to
Our Vision: We envision riders of all ages, in all applicable disciplines, having the opportunity to appreciate the smooth ride, strong build and mild disposition of the Canadian registered Tennessee Walking Horse.

‘The Canadian’ Ride Your Walker Program recognizes the value of the Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse as a valued partner in recreation riding activities. It recognizes the importance of the TWH in leisure activities and promotes the Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse as a “stress reliever”. This annual program recognizes two (2) categories – one horse / one rider; and multiple horses / one rider. In both instances, riders track the number of hours spent with their horse(s) in a CRTWH log book.