Benefits of Membership

You enjoy reduced fees for registering, transferring or having DNA and
parentage verification done on your horses.

Fees are less for members who take part in Clinics and for the Canadian Triple Challenge programs.

You may include your contact info on the website “Where Can I Find a Walker” if you wish.

You can list your CRTWH Horses For Sale in the CRTWH Face Book For Sale album. 

You can enter your horse in the Canadian Triple Challenge – the Program For
Excellence, the Training Levels, or the Ride/Drive/ALT program.

Pedigrees of Canadian TWH are available on-line at the CLRC website, Should you want to look up a horse, perhaps to check if it is indeed owned by the person selling it, you can do so free of charge as can members of the general public.

And as a member you’ll be part of an ethical, arms-length registry. All our paperwork is contracted out to CLRC. CRTWH operates under the Animal Pedigree Act of Agriculture Canada and must adhere to the law. In Canada only one Registry is allowed per breed and a breed registry cannot be privately owned. See for our Mission Statement and Constitution. 

You will be joining a community of like minded individuals and supporting a Tennessee Walking Horse registry “Dedicated to the Naturally Gaited Walking Horse”.

Still only $25 for an annual membership. Join us!

( Check the website for lifetime and international rates)