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Clouds Rio Brazos

Kelly’s Kiss Goodbye

Karla’s Special Knight

Majics Prophesy

Cloudwalkers Majic Man

Royal’s Last Class Act

The Power and the Amore

Power’s Lady Day

Skyline’s Orion

Power to Burn

Thyme Waits for No One

Karla’s Blaze of Lightning

Skyline’s Reygulus

Karla’s Elegant Melody

Uphill Heir Trigger

Skyline’s Almach

Karla’s Kadet

CSR Mornin’s Miracle

Karla’s Regal Escort

Karlas Black Betty

Toddy’s Apollo

Walkien Jesse Skywalker

Karlas Black Jade

Dominator’s Grovie


Karlas Red Velvet Vision

Skyline’s Bellatrix

Karlas Sweet Sultana

Chance’s Footsteps

Karla’s Trooper

Karla’s Rio Rambo

Karla’s Gold Fusion

Successful Signature

Cloud’s Rio Rita

Cherokee’s Dark Knight

Uphill Penny By Chance

Triggers Peppi Bionda Z

Karl’s Pure Red Rebel

 Skylines Dark Storm

Tsuniah’s Midnight Reward

Karla’s Fancy Raven

Rag’s Fantasy Romance
It’s Time to Rock-Ragtime

CSR Shooting Star

 Woodhill’s TS Trooper
Ragtime’s Sand N” Sable Ragtime’s Major Obsession

Fancy’s Midnight Promise

 Karlas Hustler  Sips Ike

Ragtime N” Melody

Karlas Karmel Uphill Lady By Chance

Rag’s Razamataz

Uphill Sand N’Sable CSR Gold Fever  Summer Design One O One
Doc Walker CSR Mornin’s Belle  Aries Park Avenue Diamond
 Zepher Shadow Ridge Goldwell’s Treasure Dude’s Ragtime Man
Ringo Starr Uphill Heiress Future’s Precious Brick
CSR Glory Bea!

NHA’s Crimson Frost

Goldwell’s Treasure

L L Chance’s Red Rascal

  Eb’s Belle De Liberte 
Champion’s Copper Shadow   Back Yard Cinnamon 
CSR Blaise of Glory    Ladys Investment
CSR Money’s Gold Penny  

Northfork Red Duchess

Hillbilly All Decked Out  

Gen’s Shadow Shaker Rocky


Ghost of Future Past


R Diamond Smoky


Northfork Cotton Trim


Northfork Cheerful Chipper


Uphill Star


DD’S Lyrical Dream


Smokey Mountain Melody

    Images Speedy Ticket
    Ragtime N’ Rockabilly
    Travel ‘N Wild Phoenix


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