CRTWH Statement on Abuse of TWH

CRTWH Statement on Abuse of TWH

CRTWH abhors the abuse of TWH show horses.

The Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse was formed thirty years ago, in 1982, by a group of Canadians who owned and loved the breed. They deplored the emphasis on the ‘big lick’ in Tennessee and formed the Canadian Walking Horse Association to promote the Walking Horse as it was originally – the versatile and enduring, gentle family horse with the smooth fast walk for which it was named.

We continue to provide a registry for people who wish to breed and promote the original style of Walker – the versatile, plain shod or barefoot pleasure horse.
CRTWH is incorporated under Agriculture Canada’s Canadian Animal Pedigree Act. All work of CRTWH is subcontracted to Canadian Livestock Records Corporation who keep our records and issue registrations.

There have never been ‘Big lick’ classes offered at shows in Canada. The Canadian rules for showing TWH are listed in Equine Canada, and are for flat shod or barefoot horses only.

CRTWH has developed programs under the Canadian Triple Challenge to educate owners and others as to correct conformation, natural gait and disposition of the Walking Horse breed as it was originally intended.

CRTWH also holds an association membership in F.O.S.H., Friends of Sound Horses, an organization in the U.S. that has been actively campaigning for years to stop the abuse.