Dressage Training
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de la Gueriniere 1688-1751

“The aim of this noble and useful art is solely to make horses supple, relaxed, compliant and obedient and to lower the quarters without all of which a horse — whether he be meant for military service, hunting or dressage — will be neither comfortable in his movements nor pleasurable to ride.”


Bengt Ljungquist 1976

“The motto is: slow and steady. There is no instant dressage. One should count in years, not days. It is patient daily work which pays off in the long run. A rider who does not have this patience and feels inclined to resort to special equipment, will never make a truly schooled horse. Proper equipment for schooling consists of a plain snaffle with a thick bit, a saddle and a whip.
There is an old proverb which should be painted in the barn or in the indoor arena as a reminder:


Where art ends, violence begins.”