A Horse to Remember

"Horses change lives. Horses start us on a journey. And horses provide a deep connection to nature. The horse / human bond can be magical and have great power.  All horses are special and deserving of our understanding.  Each one deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Yet in every horse person's life there remain one or two special horses that stay forever in our hearts and minds.

Was it a patient school horse that you never owned but now realize had a profound influence on the direction of your life? Was it that first horse with whom you shared a bond?  Was it that first pony ride, the horse you saw in a movie or on TV, a horse in a novel or a model horse?  Maybe it was that first Walking Horse that surprised you with the glide ride, so much so that no other breed would ever again take the place of a Walking Horse in your life? Is it your current horse, with whom you’ve shared many adventures and challenges, and who now deserves your recognition?

A Horse To Remember provides a place on the CRTWH website where you can pay tribute to these special horses.  It may be your current partner, running in the pasture or one long gone on to greener pastures.  If possible, have your story relate how your special horse led you to the Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse. You may tell that story in photos or words or any combination thereof!

“Honour your special horse by sharing your story - the horse that lives in your heart deserves your tribute."

Parameters:For a donation of $50.00 or more to the CRTWH Education Fund your tribute will be published on the CRTWH webpage.

All tributes to be in line with our Mission and Values statement.

Thank you for caring and sharing.