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General Instructions:
It is beneficial when doing any business with CRTWH that you first download the Application for Membership, the Fee Schedule, and the specific form for the business you wish to transact (Registration of an unregistered foal/horse, registration of an already U.S. registered horse, transfer of a horse, etc.)

1.Go to our website – Click on the Registration tab. Under the Registration tab click on Forms. Under Forms there are 2 Registration forms. You will be using the non-registered form. Print the ‘Application for Registration of Unregistered Foal/Horse’ form from the website.

2. Go through the registration application filling in all the information that you have.
On Page 1 of the registration application the first four boxes are self explanatory.
In box 5, fill in whatever information you have from the parents’ registration papers. If the parent(s) are not registered with one of the registries, leave those spaces blank.
In box 6, it asks for an ID number. If you are not yet a member, you won’t have an ‘ID’ or membership number. Just leave that space blank.
The Breeder is the person who owned the mare at time of breeding.
The Owner of the foal is the person who owned or leased the mare at time at birth
Box 7 on the application is the Certificate of Service. It must be signed by the owner of the foal’s sire (the stallion owner) and the owner or lessee of the foal’s dam when she was bred.
In box # 8 are questions about the DNA of sire and dam of the foal. This will not be on record with CLRC if the parents are U.S. registered. See number three below.

3. With the application include copies of both sides of the U.S. registration papers for both sire and dam. If the DNA information is not on the back of the U.S. registration papers, include copies of the DNA cards that you should have from the U.S. registry, so it can be added to the CLRC data.
If the parents have not been DNA’d, you will have to get this done before the foal can be registered with CRTWH. Contact CLRC for details.

4. On page two of the registration application is the area for you to describe your foal or horse as to colour and markings. See our Colour Guide if you need help with this. Below that is a box for filling in the fees for registration and DNA / parentage verification. Consult the Fee Schedule to find the correct amounts. See number five below.

5. It is to your benefit to become a member of CRTWH if you are going to be doing business with Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC). They are the third party body that handles all CRTWH registrations and transfers. Membership will allow you to conduct transactions such as this at member rates. Be sure to buy the membership in the same name as the name in which you wish to register the horse; that is, the name of the membership must be the same as the name of the person registering or transferring a horse. Fill out the membership application.

6. You can pay the total of membership, registration and DNA/parentage verification in Canadian funds by cheque, money order, Master Card or Visa credit cards to Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. (Credit cards are usually the easiest way for out-of-country members to pay in Canadian funds. You can phone CLRC 1-613-731-7110, Extension 313, or toll free in Canada 1-877 -833-7110 or include your credit card number in your covering letter (see below) with the applications.

7. We suggest you include a short covering letter with your application. This short letter should provide an overview of what you want to do. We also suggest that you provide an e-mail address so that CLRC can contact you electronically if they have any questions.

8. When all this has been done and CLRC has received your application, they will send you a DNA hair kit. You will pull hair from your horse’s mane (usually near the withers), tape it to the sheet of paper provided according to their directions, and send it to the lab. (Address for the lab will be included in the envelope.) This may take some time.

9. When the lab sends the DNA of your horse to CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation) along with the information that his parentage has been verified, CLRC will send you his Registration Certificate. Your horse is now officially registered with the CANADIAN REGISTRY OF THE TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE!

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