Thanks to

Debra Blower for precise traffic control in the holding area

Bobbie Buck for efficient and friendly coordination of classes and entries

Rosalee Morgan for attentiveness at the gate

Alynn Ward for ribbon presentation

Marjorie Lacy for hospitality

Karla Freeman for overseeing obstacles and poop in the arena

Leslie Hunchuk and Diane from PA for scribe duties

Paula Loewen for backup in any area

Stephen Woodall for understanding sound systems, overseeing barn organization and cleanliness

Fran Kerik and Brenda Woodall for collecting and organizing the gift exchange

Leslie Hunchuk for Logo Design and Frame

Alberta Walking Horse Association, especially Tanya Johnston, for the Pot Luck supper

Diane Padilla of PA for scribing

Committee Members – Leslie Hunchuk, Fran Kerik, Brenda Woodall, Dianne Little

Exhibitors who recognized a need and asked how they could help

Vic Almond of Vic Almonds Arena for support on many levels

Diane Sept our Judge