First Ever Platinum Award


First recipient of


Uphill Sand’N Sable

The Canadian Triple Challenge comprises 3 areas – program for Excellence, Training Levels and Ride/Drive Alternative. The Platinum Breeder Award is reserved for breeding animals. Breeding animals receive the Platinum Breeder Reward as a result of Awards achieved by their offspring.

The qualifications to achieve this award appear simple but all things that appear simple require time and energy. * For qualifications see below

Choosing a mare is easy, but evaluating her ability to produce outstanding offspring takes knowledge, thought, time, patience and some good luck. Everyone is enthralled with foals. It takes an owner with an educated yet rational eye to go beyond the cute and precious to evaluating the foal. Elements like straight front legs, proportion, balance, disposition and movement are of prime importance. After these determinations are made, patience is required until the animal is ready to be started under saddle. The length of time depends upon the emotional, mental and physical maturity of the horse.

Not only must the offspring be under saddle, but must be entered in the Program for Excellence and achieve the Gold Award in the Program. That means the horse must satisfy standards of conformation, movement in hand, flat walk under saddle, running walk under saddle and canter under saddle.

To qualify for the Platinum Mare award, the mare must produce 3 offspring who achieve the Gold Award. To make attainment even more difficult, the 3 offspring must be the result of at least 2 different stallions. The Platinum Mare Award is based upon breeding decisions, patience, commitment, energy and desire. The Canadian registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse congratulate Betty and her owner Charles H and Marjorie C Lacy.

Uphill Sand’N Sable (Betty) 1993-1226

by Honey Boy’s Rebel 360

out of Uphill Arnica 90

Betty has produced 7 foals by 6 stallions – 5 fillies and 2 colts. Four of her offspring were entered in the Program For Excellence.

Qualifying Offspring that attained Gold

Uphill Heiress 3780

by Uphill Heir Trigger3008

gold 2020

Uphill Star 3484

by Walkien Jesse Skywalker 3232

gold 2018

Northfork Uphill Buccaneer 3550

by Northfork Top Traveller 2613

gold 2020

Standards for Platinum Mare Award

  1. The Mare (dam) must be registered in the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse prior to any offspring being entered in the program and therefore contributing to the Award.
  2. The mare (dam) must produce 3 foals from at least 2 different stallions.
  3. These 3 offspring must satisfy the standards of performance for the Gold Award.
  4. There is no time limit imposed to fulfill the requirements.