Time to Nominate a Director

October 28, 2016

Dear CRTWH Member,

Once again it’s again time to nominate a director for a three-year term on the board of the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse. The three year terms for elected Directors from Alberta expire at the end of December, 2015. The provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are each eligible to elect one director.

  • The current elected directors in Alberta are Leslie Hunchuk, Fran Kerik and Marjorie Lacy. This year, Fran’s term expires. She is eligible to be nominated again.

  • Currently there is no elected director from Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is entitled to elect one director.

  • Currently there is no elected director from Manitoba. Manitoba is entitled to elect one director.

  • Sue Gamble is the elected director from Ontario. Her term expires this year. She is eligible to be nominated again.

You will receive a list of all CRTWH members, either by e-mail or Canada Post, who are eligible for nomination. The list you receive will be for your province. Also enclosed will be a nomination form, which must be signed by your nominee. You and the person you nominate must hold a current full membership in CRTWH. Please discuss this with your nominee and have his or her agreement and signature before submitting the form. There is a section for membership number, but that can be inserted when the nomination is received by the CRTWH secretary.

Nomination forms must be sent to the secretary, dated on or November 30, 2016. They may be mailed, faxed, or scanned and then e-mailed.

You are urged to take an active part in these nominations.

If you have any questions please contact me evenings. My phone number is 1-403-931-2105.

Yours truly,

Leslie Hunchuk
CRTWH Secretary
[email protected]

CRTWH Directorships

To be eligible to hold a position as a Director on the CRTWH Board of Directors, the individual nominated or appointed must be a current full member of the CRTWH.

The Director will represent his/her Provincial members, and will work with other Board members in the management of business and affairs of the Association (CRTWH) and on any other matters which may arise from time to time.

Elections for directors are held annually. The three-year terms of those positions are to be staggered over a three year period so that one third (1/3) of the positions become vacant each year.

Nomination of a Director must be made by a current CRTWH member (other than the nominee) holding a full membership from the same province in writing to the Secretary of the CRTWH. The nomination must be accepted by the nominee’s signed statement that he or she is willing to stand for the directorship.

Regular meetings require access to long distance telephone. Our meetings are being held via conference calls and three way calling. Board members also keep in touch through emails and the Internet.