Mission Statement

Our  Mission

To register and record purebred Tennessee Walking Horses, both in Canada and internationally, with accuracy and integrity.  We are dedicated to preserving the historical attributes of the breed, while encouraging ongoing improvement in the quality of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Our Values:

To foster the respectful and humane treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses through increased public awareness and education, and to encourage the enhancement of each animal’s natural gait through good horsemanship.

Our Vision:

We envision riders of all ages, in all applicable disciplines, having the opportunity to appreciate the smooth ride, strong build and mild disposition of the Canadian registered Tennessee Walking Horse.

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Please Note

If an animal is sold as purebred, as registered,
or as eligible to be registered, the seller is obliged to
provide a duly transferred certificate of registration
to the buyer within 6 months of sale.



Is Your Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse in Your Name?

The pedigree of every horse registered through the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse is available on the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation website. All registered owners of every horse are listed providing an accurate and complete record for the horse. But IS your horse registered in your name? If it is not, read on.

Why should you transfer your Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse?
Provides proof of your ownership.
Provides proof of age and ancestry.
Increases the value of your CRTWH horse.
Ensures your CRTWH a place in CRTWH History.
Ensures a better life if you ever have to part with it.
Prevents conflicts over ownership.
Prevents potential liability issues for past owners.

Owners of Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horses are encouraged to visit (www.clrc.ca) and check the pedigree of any horses they own or have bred. If the historical record is not up to date, please rectify.

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The Canadian Triple Challenge

We are here to help!

‘The Canadian’ Triple Challenge is unique to the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horses. There are three (3) programs – Program for Excellence, Training Levels and Ride/Drive/Alternative.
For explanation and questions regarding The Canadian Triple Challenge, contact Dianne Little at [email protected].
Video submissions for Program for Excellence and Training levels may be on a card, memory stick, CD, DVD or through you tube. They must be postmarked by October 31.